What is a study?

What is psychotherapy?

We are looking for study participants

Have you experienced dangerous and frightening things and have had emotional difficulties since then?

You will have a group session twice a week for 8 weeks (each session is 1 hour long) and additionally 3 individual sessions. In the group sessions you will learn relaxation exercises, biofeedback training and exercises to deal with stress and unpleasant feelings. This is to reduce your discomfort. After 8 weeks, you will have another group session, and after 6 months, you will have a follow-up session where we will ask you questions about your mood and discomfort.

Do you meet the following conditions?
- You live as a refugee in Germany
- You are 18 - 25 years old
- You can hold simple conversations in German or English (at least A1 - level in the language course)?
- You have experienced dangerous and frightening things and have emotional (related to your feelings) difficulties since then. For example, you feel anxious, sad, or don't feel emotions anymore. Many people also have nightmares and unpleasant, sudden memories of the dangerous situation. Some people also think about taking their lives.

If so, contact us! 


M.Sc. Psych. Lisa Mader
+49 6131 17 6148

Dr. sc. hum. Dipl.-Psych. Klaus Wölfling
+49 6131 17 6147

Universitätsmedizin Mainz

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