The subproject investigates the implementation of an Internet-based, therapy-supporting mobile app for in inpatient psychiatric treatment. The mobile app is made for refugees from the Arabic region and is available in their mother tongue. The central research question is whether the combination of routine treatment and the use of the app (blended-care) in the inpatient psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care of refugees is feasible and used in clinical practice. For this purpose, the intervention group with blended-care treatment will be compared with the control group (treatment as usual) in several clinics of the clinic group of the Rhineland Regional Council (LVR).

Furthermore, it will be analyzed whether clinical results such as the severity of symptoms are improved by the blended-care approach.

The experiences from the implementation are to be compiled in an implementation guideline, which describes promoting and hindering factors for the implementation of the project.

  • Evaluation of the feasibility and use of online-based psychotherapeutic elements in addition to treatment as usual for refugees with mental illness in an inpatient psychiatric setting.
  • Measurement of user satisfaction and the quality of the treatment results among refugees and therapists
  • Compilation of an implementation guideline

The following chart shows the individual phases of the study. Patients of the intervention and control groups in the inpatient setting are recruited by the treating therapists and interviewed upon entry to the study. Further points of questioning are discharge from hospital and follow-up (after 6 months).

Inpatient Admission
Patients are invited to participate in the study and interviewed by their treating physicians
Inpatient Discharge
Participants are interviewed at the day of dischrge
Participants are interviewed 6 months after discharge from hospital treatment
(1) Feasibility and use of the app
(2) Assessment of user satisfaction and treatment outcome
(3) Compilation of an intervention guideline


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Prof. Dr. med. Euphrosyne Gouzoulis-Mayfrank