Aims and benefits

Implementation of TV-KVT 
The subproject provides training in evidence-based trauma-focused psychotherapy (TF-CBT) to psychotherapists. Training consists of an online training course, as well as an instructor-led 2-day workshop and supervised case consultations. The primary goal is the evaluation of strategies for the implementation and dissemination of TF-CBT. In addition, treatment fidelity, completed TF-CBT cases, and symptom improvement are evaluated.

The subproject aims to improve the psychotherapeutic care of unaccompanied young refugees in the German health care system. 

The main goals of this subproject include:

  • Preparation of the TF-CBT training
  • Extension of the TF-CBT treatment model by three sessions on relapse prevention and problem solving on issues related to asylum procedures
  • Updating the online training ( with culturally adapted materials
  • Recruitment and training of local therapists within study clusters to implement TF-CBT within the BETTER CARE model
  • Establishing collaboration between CYWS facilities and therapists, and monitor referral procedures
  • Implementation of TF-CBT trainings for local psychotherapists (instructor-led 2-day workshop)
  • Continuous evaluation/quality assurance
  • Provision of case consultations
  • Evaluation of TF-CBT dissemination and implementation process


Training of language interpreters for trauma-focused therapy
The primary goal is to prepare language interpreters for trauma-focused therapy (TF-CBT) to ensure that the young refugees can gain access to trauma-focused therapy independent of their German language skills and to encourage cooperation between all relevant stakeholders in the field (e.g. social workers, therapists, language interpreters).

Additional goals:

  • Inclusion of 120 interested language interpreters in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Therapies take place in the regions where the young people live. Language interpreters from all regions in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and for all languages may therefore participate in the training.
  • Improvement of psychotherapeutic care for young refugees through widespread training of language interpreters, which may also improve access to care beyond the project.
  • Findings about the work of language interpreters in the field: A short online survey (15 minutes) on prior experiences of the participating language interpreters. As an expense allowance, all participants will receive a voucher worth 20€.


Registrations for the language interpreter workshops (4h duration) are possible at any time by sending an e-mail to

Study procedures

The following timelines illustrate the process of the BETTER CARE psychotherapists- and language interpreters subprojects.

Recruitment of psychotherapists
In the periphery of the youth care facilities participating in BETTERCARE.
Psychotherapists participate in an online TF-KVT tutorial.
Participating psychotherapists are randomly assigned
TF-KVT Workshop
Psychotherapeut:innen assigned to BETTERCARE participate
Start of therapy (TF-KVT)
accompanied by case discussions with a TF-KVT supervisor
Registration for the workshop "Cooperation in Trauma Therapy"
By e-mail to You will receive a link to the online survey and the online workshop. You will receive a consent form by postal mail, which you should kindly return to us.
2 weeks ahead of the workshop
You get a link to our short online survey (15 minutes), were we invite you to answer some short questions about the experiences with interpreting you have made so far.
The workshop
The workshop takes place online and lasts about 4 hours. One-time participation is sufficient. We will then include you to our BETTER-CARE pool of interpreters.
After the workshop
Therapists or social workers in our project can contact you directly via our contact list to initiate therapies with the young refugees. This depends in part on whether there are young people in our project who need therapy and speak your language. Financial comprehension in case of therapy involvement is guaranteed.
6 months after the workshop
We will again send you a link to our short online survey (15 minutes). We invite you to answer some questions regarding experiences you have made over the course of the project. You will receive a voucher worth 20€.
12 months after the workshop
We will again send you a link to our short online survey (15 minutes). We invite you to answer some questions regarding experiences you have made over the course of the project. You will receive a voucher worth 20€.


Language interpreters:
+49 8421 93 21265

Implementation of TF-CBT:
+49 8421 93 23235


Prof. Dr. Rita Rosner
Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Lehrstuhl für Klinische und Biologische Psychologie